Monday, March 8, 2010

Piece of Artwork

Here's some pictures from Sunday. She wore a little Ann Taylor dress (I didn't even know they did kid clothes). I learned first hand how she ends up getting crayon all over herself every day. I had packed a couple of crayons and she'll color, then turn the crayon around and jab herself. Thank goodness I buy stain remover in bulk and crayon seems to come off pretty easily!
It was a paci kind of day. She had some tummy issues over the weekend but with some prunes and additional fruit I think she's back in business now.
Cute little feet! Right now she just moved up to a size 4 shoe.
Sweet little dress and sweater!

More fun in the sun from Sunday! As soon as we got home today we headed straight to the front yard to play since dinner (pork carnitas) was already ready in the crock pot!

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