Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daddy Day

Lilli had another fairly rough night last night, so Brent ended up staying home with her today. She had quite a bit more drainage today, and had a small fever at one point. The coughing did seem to be better, and we did several steam showers with her today to help break up the drainage. You could just tell she didn't feel good. Some of the time. Even when she's sick this kid is a character! (This was the "sick day" pic they sent me at work.) She didn't want anything to do with dinner tonight, but afterwards was running laps around the house being silly and exploring everything. She's also got her molars coming in - note that finger in the mouth above! Most of her teethers just don't reach that space, so I may need to check into getting her one of the little more molar specific ones.

Hopefully tonight will be a good night and she can go back to school tomorrow. They're having a St Patty's Day party, and we had signed up for the cookies. I went ahead and make them tonight (my signature sugar cookies in a shamrock shape with icing). She also has an adorable outfit to wear, but if she's still feeling bad tomorrow we'll just celebrate on our own and she can celebrate at school a little late!

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