Monday, March 1, 2010

Fashion-ista in the Making

The older and more communicative she gets the more Lilli lets us know what she really wants. At this point it's often by pointing, and she can get pretty clear with us on what she wants with few words. (And her understanding of words is starting to get really amazing - tonight I asked her if we needed to change her diaper and she walked right over to the changing table and pointed up.)

And last night she wanted to get dressed up.After dinner I showed her the little pack of $1 necklaces I bought for her at the grocery store and she wanted to wear them. She didn't mess with them, just wore them and strutted around like she was a big girl. Then she went over to her light jacket and "told" me she wanted to put it on.
From there she headed to the door. She's just tall enough she can stand on her tiptoes and turn the doorknob. She was dressed up and ready to hit the town....
It was about 15 minutes before her bedtime, so it was really a little late for going out.
So she paraded around the house for a few minutes.
Added a St Patty's day hat to the look....
And admired the pretty baby in the mirror.....
From there she headed back to the foyer and let us know she wanted to go on a stroller ride. Badly. And since she was so cute in her coat and all "dressed up" to go Brent went ahead and took her on an 8 pm stroller ride up and down the block for a few minutes. Luckily it was enough to satisfy her and she went right to sleep after her bath and bedtime milk.

Lilli for Project Runway 2030??? We'll see!

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