Thursday, March 11, 2010


The kitchen is quickly becoming a favorite place to play, especially as we cook dinner each night. (Although this week one of us plays outside with her and one cooks, the weather is too nice to not enjoy it!) These pictures were taken last week of my little assistant when it was much colder! She wants to do EVERYTHING I do!

Cups. There is something magical about cups. Stacking them. Putting things in them and transferring them back and forth.

Banging on pots and pans is a favorite activity of hers. Pippin absolutely shudders when she is whacking away. (Putting her crayons in my dishwasher is also a favorite activity related to our extremely nice, extremely high-end dishwasher.)

She likes to take her spoon and stir whatever imaginary concoction she has made for dinner that night. I wish she'd tell me what it was she enjoyed so much so I could actually cook it. (However tonight we did make a carbonara pasta and the only meat in it was bacon - she LOVED it! First time she's ever had bacon and generally she does not like meat.) She shattered the bowl above about 5 minutes after the picture was taken, so now I've given her one of my plastic bowls. A much safer option for her!The one above just cracks me up. It's like she's having a conversation with the gorilla. And she's sucking away on a pacifier thermometer. We've only been letting her have her paci at naps/bedtimes and sometimes in the car so she found this one in a basket of hers and latched right on. I thought it was pretty funny considering all the times she wouldn't take it for even a second when we were trying to actually take her temperature. If she sees a pacifier she wants it, otherwise she's just fine without it. And if she finds one she cements it to her face, I think she realizes we will sneak it away if given the chance!

Time to wrap up and go to sleep!

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