Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It seems every day Lilli is communicating more and more. Today on our drive home I asked her if she had a good day and was a good girl, and she immediately responded "Yeah". And then when we pulled in the garage and I was getting her out of the car I asked her if the boys were nice to her and told her she was cute and she crinkled her nose and starting blowing bubbles. HA! I'm sure in both cases she didn't really know what I was asking, and she just heard in my tone I was asking her a question and felt she needed to respond in some way.
But, she is understanding certain things with clarity. Several days in a row I've asked her if she was stinky and she consistently nods her head Yes and when I ask her if we should change her diaper she'll go over to the changing table, grab a diaper and throw her hands up to be picked up. Maybe we'll have an early potty trainer on our hands! It will also be interesting to see how she changes over the next few months. She's the youngest in her class and there are several 18/19 month olds who can say Bye every day. One of them can even say Bye Li! to tell Lilli goodbye. This same little girl is a VERY large kid. She's 19 months old but is literally the size of a 4 year old, making her the total opposite size-wise of Lilli. Lilli has become her living, breathing baby doll. Apparently she and Lilli nap on mats next to each other, and Ellen will get Lilli's mat and blanket ready and then pat it and say "Come, baby". Yesterday when we were leaving she said "Bye Baby!". And as you can see from these pictures I think she is going to be more than ready to bob for apples this fall! Thankfully the ball popper blows them out pretty slowly so no black eyes or broken teeth (yet).

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