Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Double Whammy

Last night was an AWFUL night! She was up practically every hour, and not just for a second - she wanted to be held and knew instantly when you were trying to put her down in her crib. At 5:30 she pretty much decided she just wasn't going back into her crib and I tried to get her in our bed for a little while and then we went back to the rocker until around 7:30 when we were just "up" for the day, even though I felt like I had never been down. She's only had one ear infection before and it was just like that, so I called the doc and they were able to squeeze us in this afternoon.

Even though she was incredibly fussy and clingy she wanted to go outside big time this morning! So I took her on a stroller ride to East Park and of course she fell asleep on the way. I didn't let her off that easy and once we got there I woke her up so we could swing for a few minutes since it was SUCH a nice day here!
Here she is when we got to the doctor's office this afternoon. She wouldn't take any other naps today and she was so exhausted she fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. The entire time at the docs she was clingy and obviously felt bad. As soon as the doctor looked at one ear she said it was infected, and the other ear was as well. Then as soon as she checked her throat she said it looked really bad from drainage (from the croup and cold she had last week). And then she said something "WHOA! Someone has some teeth coming in!" She said her molars looked like they were super painful (and she's been drooling like crazy). So we got a prescription for some antibiotics - "the pink stuff". Lilli loves it and wanted more after her first dose this afternoon, so that always makes it easier to get the medicine down!After we got home from the doctors office she crashed in one of those sweaty, clingy type naps on me for a couple of hours. I watched some of my soap opera while she sweated away on my chest (her temp has usually been around 100 today). She didn't want much dinner and then afterwards wanted to play outside again so Brent took some pictures of her in the front yard. This outfit is actually a dress from last year that I added legging to for this year. Just because you feel bad doesn't mean you shouldn't be cute!
Chasing after someone walking their dog.
She hasn't been totally fussy, just 98% of the time today. Every once in a while you can get a smile or giggle!
Hopefully tonight won't be as awful as last night, but I'm really not banking on it. At least we got on it pretty fast and have already started antibiotics, hopefully by the weekend she'll be back to normal!

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