Friday, March 5, 2010

Daddy Quote of the Day

Every night I lay out Lilli's clothes for the next day (on school nights) and Brent gets her dressed, fed and dropped off at school each morning since I work 6:30-3:30 post-Lilli. I usually see her for just a blip in the morning as I'm rushing out the door, so Brent is fully in charge of her appearance.
I really, really wish I had a better picture of her outfit today, especially since these couple are in our bathroom, the night before laundry day, after we've been working all week and the house is a mess. I got this little designer outfit (that has a cute vest with it) in Atlanta at a sample sale. It's a size 6-9 month which has been fitting her perfectly but this week there's been several things in that size that we've declared she wore for the last time because they're getting short/tight.

Today when I got the daily morning update from Brent he said and I quote "I told Lilli she'd better not fill up that diaper because they might not be able to get her pants off to change her." And yes, he told her teachers that. It's pretty true. When I showed up to get her this afternoon her belly was hanging out and her pants were jacked up, too. To further cement her i'm-a-mess status she had completely colored all over her shirt (and from the looks of it I'd say she got TWO crayons today) and at lunch she decided to dump her entire plate all over herself. I think I used an entire bottle of Resolve on her shirt tonight, not that she'll be wearing it again anyway.

Here she is playing with my scarf and admiring the stylish baby in the mirror.
And tonight at Blue Coast Burrito. In a fresh, clean, well fitting outfit.We just did burritos tonight and Lilli and I went to Target while Brent did some shopping in Marshalls. At Target I can trade out various toys with her and she can stay pretty entertained versus a boring clothing store. I was shopping the little $4 T's when all of a sudden I heard her yell out "Dadda!" so I looked up, expecting to see Brent rejoining us, but no - just a cute, pregnant lady about my same age. She was equally surprised and we had a good laugh and she said she's been called worse. And I told her Lilli points to baby Jesus in her books and says Dadda so she's in pretty good company there, too.

Tomorrow we have a birthday party for Lilli's friend Aaron, followed immediately by a baby shower and then dinner plans. It's going to be a busy, interesting day - especially since Lilli appears to be pushing through 2 more teeth and is a little shorter and refusing to eat most everything besides babyfood and won't have much of a chance to nap tomorrow. It seems that when she has new teeth coming through for about a week she's a difficult eater and will only take the purees. And then when the pain is over she won't touch a puree at all! And this ALWAYS happens just as I'm about to email out to a list of the babyfoods we have left for our friends with younger babies!

Time to work on the laundry some more, I'm trying to get as much done tonight as possible since I won't have a chance tomorrow!

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