Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hunting Season!

Hunting Season has started here in Nashville - Easter Egg Hunting! And since we've got a pro walker on our hands here, there's no reason she can't collect us some candy. (I can't believe she's been walking for almost FIVE months now - but I really can't remember her NOT walking either!)

She slept great last night - one fuss at 11 and then the next thing I knew I rolled over and it was 6:30 and she hadn't woken up crying ONCE! After several nights of being up every hour it was sooo nice. I rolled back over and still couldn't believe it when my alarm went off at 8 and the house was totally silent. She normally wakes up around 7:45 on a Saturday, but today we actually had to get her up at 9 so we could get ready for the Easter Egg Hunt at the Little Cottage at the Factory in Franklin.

We were in a major hurry so I grabbed her rabbit Easter basket from last year and her Monkey basket I had gotten for this year and let her pick in the car which one she liked better - and she was all over the monkey. It's just a little felt $1.99 basket from Target but it's nice and light and easy for her to carry.Lilli's "division" of 1-3 yr olds started at 10:15. I seriously had no idea how seriously some people take this stuff. From rushing at the "start" to practically pushing their kids around to get the max number of eggs (seriously, it's just candy and some small toys) it was pretty nuts. I guess the competitiveness in people comes out in some seriously nutso ways. And there is NO WAY this kid in purple is 3 or under.
I steered Lilli around and would block off an egg for her so she could at least get a couple. She ended up with 3 before they were all gone.
She was more interested in checking out the other kid's baskets and seeing what all they had, but by the time it was over she understood the concept - just there were no more eggs!

I found this one against the wall for her and plopped her down in front of it. She had a lot of fun just shaking them and putting them in the basket. We played outside with them all afternoon just tossing them in the yard and then picking them up and putting them back in her basket. For the longest time she just sat on the front step playing with her basket!
It was really chilly so afterwards we found a little sunny spot and take a few pics with her sweater off. Look at that curl in her hair!
The nice shop owner was walking around making sure all the little ones had gotten eggs, and she was so nice she gave Lilli two more. She took them from her and immediately put them in her basket. She knew just what to do!
She had a great time just running around outside!

Brent laughed at this series of her and I walking back towards the building. She takes two steps for every one of mine, but we are in perfect stride with one another on those second steps!
We posed her with one of the stuffed bunnies around.
Checking out those eggs....

Best Easter Egg hunt ever!

Her little friend Evelyn was there. They had a chat about the hunt.....
and told each other some tall tales about how many eggs they found....
and then Lilli offered her one of her eggs.

We went back inside and met up with my coworker Kirsten and her little girl Chloe. I had my pic made in the "big chair" with the girls.
And then Chloe and Lilli ran around the store. Lilli is pretty much uncontainable these days!
Then we had lunch at Otters!!! They have a great deal on their kids meal - free on M-Th or only .99 on the weekend if you have the (free) Otters card! And it's a ton of food so we really could have just added one piece of chicken to an adult meal and then eaten all her leftovers with it!
Being silly....
We had a great day and lots of fun hunting Easter Eggs!! Can't wait to do it again next weekend at the hunt in our neighborhood!

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