Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Rachel and Evelyn!

Today Lilli got to celebrate the birthdays of two of her Sunday School buddies - Rachel and Evelyn. Here she is on the way to Rachel's party this afternoon.
And that's the only picture we got of her at party #1. Sometimes that just happens...we were mostly eating and corralling Lilli at the first party so we just didn't get a chance to even grab my little camera from my diaper bag in another room. But Lilli had a good time, ate some BBQ and played with another little boy (I even saw her SHARING a toy with him - the madness!) And of course she had a cookie and some chips. Does it get better??? We left that party after cake to head over (a bit late) to Evelyn's party.

Lilli's party outfit for these two events was a "recycled" dress - Remember how stinking adorable this was last year as a dress? Ironically that's almost a year ago! I just LOVED that dress - it's probably my favorite baby gift we got (from Cindy M - so make sure you show this to her Carolyn!), so I was really excited that she could wear it as a top with pants right now. It's a little tight in the chest, but thankfully she's a tiny little thing so maybe we can get a couple of wears out of it this year along with a few other faves from last year.
Of course she had her beads on. She never goes anywhere without some bling.
Evelyn has Lilli's favorite toy in the whole world. It's called D-O-G. And thankfully there are 3 kiddos in Evelyn's family so their dog is quite used to this level of abuse.

Checking out the birthday girl.
Evelyn in her birthday outfit! They are right at the same height! Their favorite game was getting on and off the deck. Cake time!
She never wears a hat with a string. EVER. Someone in Evelyn's family just popped it right on her head and she didn't protest at all. Amazing.Dear Lilli, please don't put your face on dog behinds. Ok??

She was beyond fascinated with his tail. It brought her insane amounts of joy to get smacked in the face with it. I guess since Pippin just has a "nubbin" she really hasn't gotten to be around "dog tail" all that much.

She pretty much wasn't about to sit still and actually eat tonight. She ate "on the go" and that ended up backfiring. She got choked (literally) walking around, dancing on and off the deck whilst chasing the dog and threw up on the deck. Ugh!!! But at least she was ok and was able to get the food dislodged fairly easily. But the deck had to be washed off. (So embarrassing.)
But that did not stop her from trying to scarf down as much of my cake as possible.
After watching Evelyn open her presents it was time to head home for a bath and bedtime. I bet she sleeps great tonight! On the way home she had her hat in the backseat and was playing with it on and off, on and off!
Happy Birthday Rachel and Evelyn! Thanks for having us to your party!

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