Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some Yardwork...

The director at Lilli's daycare shops at several local consignment sales to find toys for the classrooms, and this spring she's found several little play vacuums and lawnmowers. They're so popular amongst the kids that they are often in the hallway by the afternoon in "time out" from being fought over so much. So I was super excited when I found a little lawnmower for Lilli for $3 at a consignment sale on Friday!

I showed it to her when we got home Friday afternoon and she and Pippin RAN to the front door to play outside with it. (Pippin's already at the front door.)
Getting it started outside. It's got all kinds of realistic little sounds of the lawnmower.Yippeee! I love my new toy!
It's all started up and ready to go....

We are so excited to finally have someone we can delegate lawn care to! And playing with it again on Saturday when it was a little chillier.
She treats it a little bit more like a vacuum than lawnmower. Today we had to play with it inside since it's poured most of the day and is now COLD. Ugh! Sadly our yard does already need mowing, and once you start it's pretty much nonstop until October. Maybe Grandaddy will come and visit soon and they can mow the yard together!

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