Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Night Taxes

She's overjoyed I'm finally working on our taxes because she thinks that means I will buy her even more toys and clothes, and that somehow her glorious birth saves us even more money!And then I explained to her that she costs MUCH more than the measly dependent credit and that her actual childcare expenses are WAY more than the piddly credit phased down and practically-reduced-to-nothing because we are actual hardworking citizens who manage to be employed gainfully all the time. And then Brent got the lecture about why in the world do we even bother working if the government wants it all. And Pippin is constantly being yelled at for snoring loudly while I'm trying to work on our taxes.

I think the whole fam is ready for the 2009 taxes to be filed. Just a few more things to crunch and I should be done with them once again, hopefully by the end of this incredibly busy upcoming weekend.

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