Monday, March 15, 2010

The Croup

The Croup has invaded our house, UGH! It started late Thursday night/early Friday morning when she woke up early with a somewhat strange cough, but really seemed fine otherwise. That day her teachers said she was a little more clingy and fussy, but otherwise fine. Then Friday night there was more coughing, but Saturday she was in a pretty good mood, just more tired than usual. She still just didn't act like she felt good, and naps were interrupted with coughing.
Saturday night was even worse. I think it felt like we were listening to her cough all night long, so Sunday we kept her in all day and once again she ran around 90 miles per hour, but just couldn't sleep well for coughing. Her normal 2 hour nap lasted about 30-45 minutes. And last night was completely awful. But once again she woke up fine, just more tired than usual. She's had no runny nose or fever, just an awful cough when she's laying down. We've been elevating her mattress, running the humidifier and doing all the things we've done in the past for colds. I talked to the nurse today and she immediately said croup - and from what I've read it sounds just like it.

She got sent home about 45 minutes early from school today. Apparently during nap time she started coughing and had a slight fever. Ugh! We've been on such a nice and healthy kick lately, I was hoping we'd make it through the rest of the winter without another cold type illness. Tonight she and I had a steam shower and I've done some of the other things the nurse suggested. When I first put her down to sleep she woke up a few times, but she's sounding a little better now, so hopefully we're all due a good night.
These pictures are from the last couple of weeks. The first one is when she fell asleep during dinner a couple of weeks ago - she and several of her buddies had been on a big nap strike that day and it took its toll on her!The other pics are from one afternoon when I accidentally left my purse where she could get into it. She found my work badge and put it on like one of her necklaces. She's completely obsessed with anything necklace related! Then she found my cell phone - BINGO! She was walking around with it at her ear like she knew something! I think she has about 4 pretend cell phones but they are nowhere near as cool as the real thing.

Here's hoping for a quiet, peaceful night!

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