Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pippin's Big Night

One of the things I'm trying to make more of an effort on this year is getting out of the house more - withOUT Lilli. There really are a lot of friends around here that I'd trust watching her, but sometimes you just feel bad asking, or it can almost not be worth the trouble at times, etc. But, there's not very many people I'd feel comfortable with putting her to bed at night. She's actually really great about going to sleep - about 97% of the time she's out within 5 minutes after her bottle - but I would still worry about someone who really doesn't have a little one trying to put her to bed and how that might turn out poorly!

Several of her teachers had said they'd be more than happy to come over and watch her, which is so nice of them. Probably her favorite teacher is "Miss Shannon", and Miss Shannon just loves her right back! She was her teacher for about 6-7 months in the class Lilli just moved up from, and she was PERFECT for coming over and watching Lilli so we could go out on our triple-date with some friends. Of course when she showed up Pippin lost his mind - as usual. I'd guarantee he thought Shannon was here to play with him. He did his usual array of pain-in-the-rear jumping all over her while I showed her around, and when we left he was still pretty wild. We were never worried about Lilli....Pippin can generally be more of the pain around here with visitors.

We met two other couples at Urban Flats, over in the Gulch. We've done stuff with both of them with Lilli, but it can always be a little difficult when her attention span gives out and one of us always has to have an eye on her so she doesn't eat crayons, etc. So it was VERY nice to get to have uninterrupted conversation and have a full meal from appetizers to desserts and not worry that anyone would get fussy! The food was great - it's all flatbreads (thin style pizzas) and we ordered lots of things to share so we could try more. I'd highly recommend it - it was super busy and if we hadn't made reservations beforehand we would've been totally out of luck. Even their desserts were flatbreads - we got a smores one that was DELICIOUS! But I totally forgot to take any pictures of the restaurant or the food because we were having so much fun!

Here's Keaton and her boyfriend Eric - we've actually known him a lot longer than her. We know his sister through our neighborhood's art scene, so when we ended up meeting Keaton in our Sunday School class it was a weird "7 degrees of separation" situation! He's been in the Whiskerino beard growing contest that Brent was in back in 2007 (and he was also in it back then.)

Me and JuliaBrent and Eric looking sweet.....
Adam and Julia
We had a great time and when we got home about 10:30 Lilli was sound asleep in her crib, Pippin was asleep on the couch, and Shannon was curled up reading a book. All was well and she said Pippin calmed down right after we left and she promised us both the kids were well behaved. Lilli went to sleep easily and had a great time playing with her favorite teacher.

Like every other Sunday we tried to get some cute pictures of Lilli dressed up. Most pictures these days look like this - with her just trucking on and right out of the room....
A semi good shot....
I bought her some little bracelets and necklaces in the Easter $1 section today at the grocery store and she had the best time playing with them.
Me being artsy.....
She'd put the bracelet on and then right back off...

Pippin was running around and playing in her room. I was able to channel my inner-Brent and get Pippin in focus and Lilli blurred. I love the annoyed look he's giving her! Right after this he ran out and she chased him down the hall. She has spent most of today terrorizing him as much as possible!
We've had a great and insanely fast weekend. I'm already ready for another one - even though this upcoming one is even more packed than this past one! I think we need a vacation from our busy lives!!!

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  1. We are still looking for some people besides family to watch ours!

    And talk about 7 degrees of best friend in grad school is the brother of the guy who runs whiskerino...that event has grown so much over the years!