Thursday, February 25, 2010

Story Time at the Library

We finally made it back to story time at the library for their monthly Bedtime Storytime. The last time we were able to make it was back in November. In December we had a sick Lilli, dealing with her ear infection and series of colds, and in January Brent was working late the night of storytime. But finally we were back!

We got there right on time after a quick dinner of potato soup and grilled cheese (Lilli loved the soup!). The librarian who led storytime last time retired right after the one we went to, and was replaced by a new guy. He was really friendly but just didn't have as much going on as the older lady did (she had lots of hand-outs and flannel things on a board). There were only two other families there, and just 6 kids including Lilli this time. Last time the room was PACKED.

At first she was really shy and just sat in Brent's lap taking everything in (fine with us!). We started off with some stretches and songs, and then he read a fairly long story about bedtime.
By the end of the first story she was starting to feel more lively, and during the second set of songs she started feeling a LOT more comfortable and even got up to do a dance solo in the middle of Thumbkin. And then he read a second story about bedtime to the kiddos.
At Thanksgiving we made a cute craft but this time we just had coloring. Lilli was pretty excited about having multiple crayons since she only gets one at school and we usually only give her one at home, too!
She also got milk and cookies while they colored before we did one last little group exercise to end story time. Afterwards we went over to the Kids section to let her pick out some books. She was way more interested in all the cute stuff for the kids and immediately found a little chair she thought was comfortable.
Then she trucked around to find the perfect book.
But got sidetracked again by the puzzles....
She ended up picking out a few books and we got home just in time to give her a bath and get her down for her normal 8pm lights out. Even though this story time wasn't quite as good as last time I'm sure we'll go back! There's very few evening storytimes around town, so it's nice that our local library gives us that option.

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