Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Visiting

Today we took Lilli to visit her Grandma and Grandpa Spears and Great-Grandma and Grandpa Duncan in Hohenwald, TN.

Daddy had a "big" surprise for her - he had turned her carseat around! Yippeee! Is she technically 20 pounds yet? Well.....I'm sure with her sippy cup, toys and blankets she is! And her feet have been pretty squished lately, not to mention almost 13 months of car meltdowns have us 100% ready to turn her around. And she loved it! Here she is singing along with her teapot as we left town.
She took a nice nap on the 1.5 hr ride down while I watched my soap opera on Brent's i-pod. He knows I'm over a month behind so he put 4 episodes on there for me to watch in the car! We got there a little before lunch and Carolyn and I even got to hit a consignment shop on our way to pick up pizza. She knows the way to my heart!

After lunch Lilli provided endless minutes of entertainment for her great-grandparent by getting in and out, in and out, in and out of a toddler booster seat left behind by her older cousins. This process was repeated for another half hour or so tonight after we got home with it, and it's either going to end up as a "seating area" for her in either our kitchen or her room (when we're not using it for its intended purpose) since she is currently totally obsessed with finding things to sit on right now.
It was waaay to pretty outside to stay indoors so we went outside to do laps on the pavement (she does NOT like to walk in the grass.) She took a short ride in her cousin's pink car.
After more laps inside she was wearing down and ready for her afternoon nap so we loaded back up and headed back to Nashville. She was worn OUT! She snored most of the way home and woke up a few miles from our house in a pretty foul mood. She was over being in the car - frontwards, backwards and any which way.
We got her a snack and headed back outdoors to take advantage of this nice day one more time. She was "running" back and forth, up and down our walk. She **really** does not like grass. Since she started walking in early November she hasn't had much of a chance to walk outdoors, and I think the bumpi-ness of the grass bothers her. Hopefully the rain will hold off until later tomorrow and we can have a chance to head to the park tomorrow afternoon!

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