Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Story Time!

Thursday night we went to Bedtime Stories at the Inglewood Library. I was looking at various posts on our East Nashville Google board one day last week and had seen a post where the librarian was getting the word out that the evening storytime would be a week earlier due to Thanksgiving. I had never heard of evening storytime before, but instantly knew we'd be there! I'm always checking Main's storytime hours, but all of those are during the daytime and their weekend stuff is more craft related. The info said kids were more than welcome to wear PJs, but since the stories were going to be Thanksgiving centered I wanted Lilli to wear one of her Thanksgiving outfits!

Storytime started at 6:30, so after dinner we headed over and got there right on time. I saw the librarians eyes raise a little when we walked in (the website clearly states it's for preschoolers but I don't care. My tax dollars fund the library and I can go if I want to! Obama said I could!) We grabbed a mat and sat in the back, just in case we needed a quick exodus route. She started right away with a Thanksgiving song and Lilli was very interested in listening to her and looking at all the other kids.
The librarian even gave us a little syllabus with the order of events - first a song, then a story, then a song, another story, another song and one last story before craft and snack time. She had a very interesting voice, so she really had all their attention.
We broke Lilli's snack bowl out during the stories as one more way to keep her on her mat, but when the vanilla wafers were passed out she wanted some of those as well! But of course she kept that other hand in her snack bowl......
The craft for the evening was making a turkey out of a cup, pom poms, little eyes, etc.
It turned out really cute! Lilli was very proud of how well Daddy did making her turkey!
Gobble Gobble!!! Afterwards the librarian invited us back next month (which will be Christmas themed), and Lilli got several comments about how attentive she was for her age. AND she got numerous references as a "he". Sigh. She can't always wear pink!!

When we left storytime we went over to the kids section so she could pick a book out for herself. I've been picking things out for her at the Main library to rotate other fun stories in, but this time she got to pick whatever she wanted.

Her final selection was a book about dragons, but we haven't had a chance to read it yet. I requested several Thanksgiving books last week, so I picked them up on Friday. Once we've read all of them we'll read her dragon book.
I can't wait until storytime next month! But you can bet Lilli will be decked out head to toe in PINK!

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