Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day Re-wind

These are from a couple of weeks ago (Feb 15th) when Lilli had a snow day. There really was not enough snow for school to be canceled, but there's not a lot we can do about that! Mod-morning we bundled up and went out to play. Lilli just went back and forth up and down the sidewalk.About the only thing she could think of to do was wipe the snow off the lights. Then she figured out she could take the snow off her "glove" (a sock) and wipe it on Pippin. He wasn't a huge fan of this fun game.
She's still a huge fan of Pippin and always wants to make sure he has a toy.

She wants to sit in his chair ALL the time and has pretty much run him out of it! And she can almost climb up in it herself....I guess I wore her out pretty good that day! This is how I found her when we went to wake her up from her afternoon nap. She puts herself to sleep for naps and will sometimes play for a while before she goes to sleep. I think she had quite the busy naptime that day!Hopefully that will be our last snow day this year! It's been so cold here again today and there were also a lot of snow flurries. At lunch I went consignment shopping with some coworkers and the flurries were heavy the whole time. We got lots of great deals and I got a ton of summer clothes for Lilli at amazing prices! There's a lot more sales coming up the next few weeks we're all looking forward to so hopefully I can get a nice summer wardrobe built for her soon.

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