Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Food Fights

This week has been a battle at the dinner table. Us vs Lilli, and even though there's only one of her and two of us I'm pretty sure she's beating us soundly.

She just doesn't want to eat anything. Except for Cheese Crunchies (the Gerber equivalent of Cheetos.)
Ever since she starting refusing baby food about 3 weeks ago it's been hit or miss on what she will eat. Peas? Love 'em today, hate 'em tomorrow. Same for everything, really. But, if she sees me eating something she's usually pretty happy to take it off my plate and eat it. Even if she has the exact same thing on her plate.
Last weekend she got more interested in her food if she had her fork. And I'd help her guide it to her mouth and that was the most exciting thing ever. One of the skills they're working on in her class is fork and spoon, and her homework every night (seriously, she's 1 and has homework) is to work on fork and spoon skills. (This month they're also working on Opposites - Little vs Big. Which is a whole separate blog post called Ellen and Lilli.)
But this week has just been awful. She doesn't want to eat ANYTHING and she's been 100% fussy, whiny, and tired. The last two nights she went to bed an hour early, and last night the only thing she would eat for dinner was her Cheese Puffs. And that was OK with me because I had a little upset stomach virus going on that afternoon/evening and I wasn't in the mood to fight the fight. She's also not been eating much for lunch and just generally acts like she doesn't feel good. The sight of her fork makes her angry and she won't even let it stay on her tray.
We think it's possible she may have a milk sensitivity/allergy. Her formula was lactose free, and this week we changed the ratio of her formula to 50% formula, 50% whole milk. The earlier part of this week she was completely constipated, and then the last two days have been the total opposite. I pretty much almost threw up changing her diaper tonight. And with Brent's lactose intolerance, I'm sure she's more disposed to it. I mean, she's his little twin sister to begin with. So, Brent ran out and bought her some Whole Milk Lactaid tonight, and we'll see if there's some improvement over the next few days. She also has about 4-6 teeth coming in right now, and that's also got to be a part in it. After she refused all her table food tonight we tried a thing of baby food - and she ended up eating a container and a half of baby food. Huh??? I'm sure the puzzle portion of her diet helps with fiber, right?

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