Monday, February 8, 2010

Family Outing

Saturday was one of the best days of Pippin's life. It was his annual trip to the vet for his shots. Sure, some dogs (probably most dogs), hate a trip to the vet. I can't really think of anything Pippin hates, and especially if it involves trips and people. I'm pretty sure he almost even enjoys having Lilli pull the fire out of his ears because it's attention. From a person. Who often has snacks very close to his face.

He had actually gotten his last shots one week before Lilli's birth, so if you do the math we were a couple of weeks behind on taking him in. I had made an appointment for him the previous weekend, but moved it a few days before hand because we were still so tired from Lilli's birthday that we wanted to sleep in, which worked out great since Snow-mageddon 2010 struck that day. So, at the stroke of bright and early we had to get up to make his 8:30 appointment. Ugh. It's been a while since Pippin has ridden in the backseat with Lilli and she just ate it up. As soon as we pulled up to the vet Pippin was super stoked. Shots! Things squirted up his nose and pulled out his behind! Wonderful!!! He loves the vet and was absolutely out of his mind the second we walked in. And they always remember Pippin (his excitement level + unusual name helps + we live really close to the receptionist and the vet + the vet's husband is the surgeon who fixed his knee). And they do really like him - I guess they get bitten enough to appreciate even the most unruly animals like Pippin. Lilli just watched and pointed at all the animal pictures and wanted to chase him around the exam room. Thankfully she didn't mind watching her brother get manhandled, I'm sure it helps that he just pants and licks the whole time.Everything checked out great for him - his leg is still doing really well from his surgery that was 3 years ago last month, and the spots on his eye haven't grown any. I can't believe we didn't have to take him for anything last year - after the knee surgery, visits to the veterinary ophthalmologist, torn dew claw, pulled back muscle and other things we've taken him in for over the years he had a pretty calm year in 2009! The vet was really pleased at how he's adjusted to life post baby and was proud of his patience (since it's pretty much something he lacks with every other human being). She just wants us to bring him in this summer and have his teeth cleaned.

Here's to another healthy year for Pippin as he gets ready to turn 7 in August!

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