Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Lilli's Been Up To (...or into)

The bathroom continues to be Lilli's favorite room, EVER! And if the door is open to the bathroom then AAAAHHHH Yiiiippppeeeee! Best.Day.Ever!

500 Q-Tips and a roll of toilet paper provide minutes of fun!

Pippin's dog bed. Always a highlight. (And yes, he has a bed next to our toilet. That's where he sleeps most nights, and as close to our room as we will allow him since he snores like The Dinosaur Train.)
"Why yes, Daddy. You have caught me destroying the bathroom. But I like it better when Momma calls it "Imagination Time." "On a different day. Same guilty pleasures of toilet paper and Q-tips, same happy times.
It's even more fun to streeetch it across the room.So, a great idea for Lilli's Easter basket might be toilet paper. And Q-tips.

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