Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun Fridays!

Most every Friday night we go out to dinner. What better way to relax from a hectic, crazy week? And we love to try new places, so when I heard some coworkers talking about a new restaurant not far from us called Taco Mamasita I knew we had to try it! It's located over near Belmont, so my ulterior motive was for us to eat at TM and then head over to Bongo Java Belmont to see Brent's new art piece. He's part of a local art show there during the month of February - and his piece sold on the first day before it was even hung! (And it's the only piece in the show sold so far!) So, we got to TM around 5:30. It's in a cute new little urban shopping area with lots of little restaurants and shops. Cute, cute and cute.

This is a great example of how cold it is right now! This little fountain was mostly frozen. We are so over winter!

We got Lilli set up with some crayons and the children's menu and let her do some coloring while we waited on our food.
When our chips and guacamole came we gave her a few little snacks to eat and were talking about our day when we noticed that Lilli had started eating one of her crayons! Aaagh! She had run out of snacks and found something of her own to eat...
Luckily we were able to fish out a good portion of it. Thankfully crayons are non-toxic!
Lilli is really good at restaurants (9 times out of 10). We eat out enough that she knows the drill, and we know how to work it as well! She loved the quesadilla we ordered for her; we've started ordering her a few things off the Kids menu. But, her favorite thing to do at restaurants is people watch and flirt! She just stared at these 4 little girls sitting behind us. Before they got there she was making faces with a teenage girl on the other side of us, and she always flirts with waitresses and waiters. Anything that keeps her entertained and gets us fed!
Here's an awful picture of the front of the restaurant. I would highly recommend it, our tacos were awesome! We each got one fish taco, and then I got a spicy Thai taco and Brent had a beef brisket taco. Very, very good and unique!
Afterwards we went to Bongo to see Brent's piece. He has PRIMO placement - you see it as soon as you walk in and it looked awesome! (The show is going on through the end of February if you're in the area.)
We saw the manager who was in charge of the show (and whose piece is hanging next to Brent's - another sign of primo placement!). He was excited to see Brent - esp since his piece has sold and they make a nice commission! He was super friendly to us, chatted for a few minutes, and then gave us free coffee - woo hoo! It pays to be the wife of a local photography celeb! He had great things to say about Brent's piece and said it's the most talked about one in the show and that lots of customers have commented on it. Who knows, maybe one day Brent will have a private show there!
Of course I embarrassed Brent by taking his pic with his piece at "his" table! Then we found a more out of the way spot in the back where Lilli could run around and we could enjoy our coffee. When she started getting a little too social we loaded up and headed home a little before her bedtime. A great Friday night out on the town!

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