Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

While I can't tell you who won the Super Bowl, I can tell you what we did today!

Lilli woke up with a Code Blue hair situation. But it didn't get her spirits down any.
Of course it's never a good thing when Brent's just woken her up and I hear him walking down the hall saying "Don't be alarmed, but we have a problem!". No one should really EVER start a sentence with "don't be alarmed!"

Side view. But it was nothing some Aveda hair products and some skilled comb skills couldn't overcome. Interestingly enough, in this profile shot below Brent's hair does THE SAME THING. Except he spends tens of minutes with his own Aveda hair products to make it happen.
Next up was church, followed by me running into the grocery store for our weekly needs while Lilli and Brent nap in the car. My assistant thought she hit the jackpot today as she "helped" me put up the groceries. She found her can of Cheddar Crunchies! If you know this kid, she can eat her weight in snacks and ESPECIALLY these overpriced Gerber Cheetos. I buy about 5 cans a week. She has been known to pull an empty can out of the recycle bin. She has been known to spot a can of these from about 3 miles away and throw a temper tantrum for them. I think she can smell if a grocery store has them before I've even gone in. She likes them, a lot.
However, she has yet to figure out how to open the can herself. But she's not above trying to gnaw her way in.
Then she made off with some little pasta cans. This is the most interest she has ever shown in any of these little overpriced gems. Maybe instead of trying to serve her what's in them, I will just let her eat the plastic. We ate lunch, played for a little while, and then she took a nice long nap for us (about 2 hours!). She's been taking great naps lately, both at school and at home. Each of her naps Saturday were about 2 hours each. She's also not having any trouble going down for them completely on her own after a little milk from a sippy cup. I was nervous how she'd do changing from bottles pre-nap to a sippy, but she's been great. Sometimes she'll chat for a few minutes but there's been little to no fussing. The only time she's getting a bottle is right before bed, which we'll probably change when she's on 100% milk and is in good shape with all the teeth coming in - two of them broke through this week, so technically she now has 8 teeth, 4 fully in and 4 in various stages of growth.

While she was asleep we got the sweet potatoes all peeled and in the oven to make fries, and took a little siesta ourselves! I showed Lilli the fabulous football chip and dip I bought at work, and she gobbled a fry right up! Pippin was hoping she'd share with him....

We loaded all our stuff up (literally. all our stuff.) and headed to our Sunday school class Super Bowl Party. Last year Lilli was a week old, so we partied at home. Our class meets in the Studio, so it's all kinds of equipped with "stuff". Watching the game was a super popular activity.
Most of the action was around the kiddos in attendance.... I'm pretty sure Lilli would've decked Rachel if she made a move on that snack jar.Lilli actually did WAY better than we expected. It's always nice to go into these things with low expectations. She spent forever eating, so that helped. Then she wanted to "chase" around after the big kids. She just loves Taylor, and he's all about entertaining Lilli. So he and another little boy constantly ran back and forth at this end of the room and would "crash" into the wall and "fall" on the ground. Lilli would watch just DYING laughing. So, that kept her really entertained and not all that interested in getting into all the camera and other equipment all over our room. This is Taylor in the blue, and Emeline in the pink.Eventually the older kids sort of wandered off to their next game, and Lilli pretty much stank up her diaper and the bathrooms with a changing table were locked off from the part of the building we were in, so we headed home around 7:45. She totally conked out in the car, and didn't have much trouble falling asleep once we got home. I am thinking she's going to sleep good tonight and dream about big kids!

So, I don't have a clue who won the Super Bowl but we still had a great day!

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