Friday, February 5, 2010

When Momma's Not Around.....

it looks like Lilli gets to have a brownie for breakfast......


That's Lilli with her main teacher in the 1's, Ms Barbara. She's been with Lilli's school since the day it opened and is the "#2" in charge if the Director is out, so Lilli is in great hands.

We **thought** today was the last day for Ms Jackie, her other morning teacher. But, yesterday was actually her last day so all the other teachers got to enjoy the brownies we made. While Brent was filling out all the morning paperwork for Lilli, Ms Barb let Lilli enjoy one, too! She was the first one there today, so maybe all the other ones got a bite or two in as well.

Lilli is OBSESSED with those little chairs. They all eat together (their two snacks + lunch) at the little table and it's absolutely hilarious to see these little people sitting there with their plates. Lilli has always really liked chairs and we frequently have to hide her own little chair. At least twice this week when I've picked her up she's just been playing with her chair - getting in and out, and in the words of one of her teachers doing so "about 50 times in the last 15 minutes". Yesterday when I picked her up she was playing with another toy, but when she saw me she immediately ran over to her chair to show me how she can sit in it - missed the chair and banged her chin on the table, scraping it up pretty badly! Poor thing! She practiced some more with her chair last night and it's pretty obvious they've been working with her on just how to get into the chair because she backs right up to it and then short of hops into it. It's pretty funny.

We ended up changing Lilli over to lactose-free milk on Wednesday night and have already seen a lot of improvement. By Thursday afternoon her mood had greatly improved and she was really back to her old self. Not as much whining and crying, not as clingy and tired, and just generally pleasant. Same with today. She's still teething (big time!) and has still been a fussy eater, but has been eating some table foods and then following that up with a bottle and a half of baby food! Tonight she ate a TON - a quesadilla, some vegetables, some pasta, and then a jar and a half of baby food. So it's really good to see her getting back to normal, and at least while she's refusing some table food we're getting rid of some of the baby food I still had! She can be very finicky with eating and drinking while she is in teething pain, and she has 6 teeth in various stages of eruption right now, so I think some of the picky eating could very much be related to that.

All right, time to relax a little! We got some house cleaning done tonight after she went to bed (the bathrooms) since we don't have to pack 3 lunches for tomorrow! Tomorrow morning we have a VERY bright and early vet appointment for Pippin to get his annual shots. I think Lilli is going to be in heaven in the waiting room with all those other animals - but I'm not sure what she'll think of watching them give her bud Pippin his shots! Should be interesting! (Last year we got his shots exactly a week before she was born!)

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