Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Some nights we drag out pretty much every single one of her books, which is a LOT of books. She just loves looking at them and having us point out the words and tell her what things are. If you point at a monkey or penguin she can make those noises, she can also say "moo", "dog" and "duck". I also check out a lot of books for her from the library. There's no reason not to, and it adds some variety to storytime. Since she really doesn't care what the story is about I just find short ones with pictures of things she might like (animals, people, etc.) or ones that pertain to nearby holidays (I grabbed a Valentines Day "Rotten Ralph" last week.But the magic of books is losing its allure in public - i.e. church. She used to be content to look at all her books in church but exploration and massive cases of the wiggles make looking at her books not nearly as exciting as trying to hang on the pews and chatter.

And Brent really likes to take weird photos of himself. I think someone caught him in the act, though.

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