Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines, Part 2

Well, today ended up being a snow day for Lilli. We got an inch (maybe) last night with a little bit of ice, but they closed school. Thankfully this is only the second time they've been closed for a full day, but it still stinks when we have to use our vacation time to be stuck at home on these awful, cold days instead of having more time to play together and have fun outings. Brent ended up going to work this morning and said the roads were a little bad, but by now our street seems pretty clear.

I totally forgot to post any pics of us opening our "presents". Lilli brought me a card - when did she get out to the store???

She's a little bit of an "Indian Giver" and wanted to take it back and read it to me herself.
And then Daddy gave her her very own Valentine.
AND he got her a present! A new car! Or at least her own set of keys and key fob. She loved it!
All the little sounds made her dance. She does this strange little leg kick dance these days. We've got to get it on video!
Close up pic of her new ride. I really thought this outfit matched a lot better before I put it on her! Oh well!
After she woke up from her afternoon nap I gave her her card from me!
I didn't buy her anything for Valentines, but she had ended up getting so much for her birthday a few weeks ago that I just kept the things I had gotten her back. I had gotten her a little backpack, shape stacker and a little monkey. She got right to work on her stacker toy, she just loves stuff like that!
And she gave her Daddy his card....
For dinner we made a pizza from a crust I had bought at the grocery store. Like everyone in the house this kid loves cheese! We filled her little snack cup with cheese and she trucked around the kitchen -with Pippin hot on her heels, while we got dinner made.
And this is exactly how my oven gets sticky handprints all over it every day! We made a little small pizza for her but she didn't like it. Maybe next time (but ours was delicious!)
Lilli has been off the bottle for about a month now, except at bedtime. Our bedtime routine works perfectly, so I haven't stressed about swapping it over until we finish completely phasing out formula (which should be in the next few days). Well, last night she refused her bottle and would only have her bedtime milk from a sippy. Guess she told me! A little while later I checked on her and saw this -
Quite possibly the cutest, sleeping Lilli EVER. She had gotten her Guardian Monkey that hangs from the top of her crib off and was using it as a pillow. It's kind of hard to see since her room was so dark, but Brent's camera still did a really good job capturing it!
So sweet!
I guess monkey helped her sleep really well, she didn't wake up until 8:30 and we've been playing all day until she was ready for her morning nap. Lunch for us is going to be soup - it's that kind of day. And I had bought a crock pot roast that I already had ready last night, so dinner is taking care of itself. I just wish it was a normal day and we had come home to dinner already ready since I would have had plenty of time to cook today!

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