Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Night Out: The Local Taco

I'm pretty sure when Lilli starts piecing together phrases and words it's going to be in Spanish considering how often we eat Mexican Style Food. And tonight was no exception.

Earlier this week Groupon had an offer for The Local Taco and since it was fairly close to us (it's just over in Sylvan Park) I decided to be one of 2,256 Nashvillians who bought a certificate for $30 worth of food for $15. Not a bad deal at all. And when we couldn't come up with anywhere we really wanted to eat tonight we decided to go ahead and use our Groupon, along with pretty much all of Nashville. (They usually don't expire for anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.)

I can't believe we didn't take any pictures of the outside! I think we were a little off our game tonight! It was over in the neighborhood with several of Sylvan Park's popular little trendy restaurants and we were really lucky to even score a parking spot. Then we were even luckier to score a table, much less one in the back where Lilli wouldn't get run over because this place is TIGHT. You order at the register and then they bring the food to your table, so it's a little fast food-y mixed with restaurant-ism. Their stuff is really reasonably priced and we got 3 tacos each, some cheese dip, a side and a Kids meal for Lilli (quesadilla + rice, of course!)
We were pretty flustered at first - totally confused about how it works, it's kind of noisy, and was very crowded. And none of their high chairs were operational - the safety strap was broken on ALL of them. And what's even worse is they knew it and the lady behind the register said something along the lines of "yeah, the kids keep breaking them" to Brent. Um, that's kind of a problem because even WITH the strap it can be next to impossible to keep Lilli from trying to climb out! We go to a lot of restaurants and have never seen this type of problem so I'd say they need to invest in a better brand of seats! Anyway, we had her portable seat in our car so Brent ran back out and got it. No biggie.

She's about to turn into a blueberry any day now, so as we waited for our food she ate blueberries and Goldfish. Then when our food arrived her rice had lots of tomatoes on top so I thought I'd see if she'd eat them and she actually loved them, so I think that's a new food to keep rotating in!
Brent's tacos. They were all stuffed full! I had spicy shrimp (my fave), tequila lime chicken (not very good) and fish (just ok). Brent got a carnitas (type of pork - his fave), southern fried chicken, and buffalo chicken (I tried this one and it was AWESOME, I would get it next time!)
Lilli is trying to keep Daddy away from her dinner!
Get your mitts off my quesadilla!
Aaaah! I love it when Mommy doesn't have to cook!
Anyway, once we got past the initial inconvenience and confusion it was a pretty good place. And you could actually eat there really cheap - since we had $30 of credit we ordered a lot (you have to spend it in one visit) but we could've eaten for much cheaper. We got there around 6 and got the next to last table, but by the time we left a little after 7 the line was literally out the door and people were standing around stalking tables so they'd have somewhere to sit! It was pretty nuts, and if we had gotten there much later we would've skipped it and come back some other time.

So maybe next Friday night we'll have to show Lilli what American food looks like!

Tomorrow night is a big night - we have a babysitter hired and we're going out with a couple of other couples. We've never had someone else put Lilli to bed for the night (or watch her here with wild man Pippin), so we're hoping it goes well! One of her favorite teachers is coming over, so I know if anyone can handle it Shannon can!!!! However I don't totally know her feelings on crazy dogs.....

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