Monday, February 1, 2010

Party Pics, Part 3: Cake

One more party post after this one, but today is all about her cake!

Brent made her cake out of two small cake pans (6 inch) and then cut and modified it to the shape of the monkey's head. He used fondant for the accessorizing. And Nilla Wafers to decorate.The dessert display (we had a lot more cupcakes in the back.) I'm really happy with how my sugar cookies & monkey cupcakes turned out! Everything was made completely from scratch. I dyed my icing to match her party colors, and coordinated them. We did an L monogram on the round ones, and polka dots on the #1s.

Brent giving her a pep talk.
Here comes the cake!
She really just wanted to pick at it and play with it, not smash it or eat it. She wanted to eat the cookies though - this kid loves cookies!
She had a lot of pressure to just eat it already!
We eventually just swapped out the cake for a cupcake and she went to town on it. Since she had only poked the monkey cake a time or two we saved it for Sunday night at our house.
Sugar Rush!
Probably just one more party post to come, with the remainder of her guests and a few last pics. I still have some other ones of her and presents and things to post from her birthday. It was a big day!

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