Monday, February 22, 2010

Playtime Pointing

Lilli is big on pointing. At first it was more random, just pointing at everything all the time. Now she is actively trying to communicate, all the time. Sometimes I'm amazed how much she understands, even though she can't answer back with the same level of words. She knows where her bellybutton, nose and shoes are if you ask. Over the weekend after she got up from her nap I asked her if she wanted milk and told her to head towards the kitchen to get some. She walked all the way down the hallway and to the fridge then waited for me to get her sippy cup out (I let her lead the way to see if she understood me.)

So on this particular night last week there was something she REALLY wanted on her bookcase, that she couldn't reach. If you can see the state of her toys you can see the level of my perplexity. Girlie has some toys. (Very few of which I have bought - between gifts, hand me downs and samples from work I really don't need to buy any!)
I thought she wanted to play in her tutu. Clearly she did not.
We tried my Memphis pom-poms.
That worked for a little while. (And reminded me of this photoshoot!)But there was still something she was wanting.....
We ended up coloring for a while, and she helped me finish up the rest of her thank-yous for the little kiddos who brought her presents to her party. I never really figured out what she wanted that night, but we did have fun playing and got down pretty much every single toy! It will be so nice when she can just tell me what she wants.

I think she still had a great time, and probably her favorite part was just using me as a chair. If it's not moving fast enough she will sit on it! Sitting (for short periods of time...) is her favorite.
(And yes, I do pretty much wear pajama pants in every evening picture! It's the only way to keep sticky snack hands off my nice dry clean only work pants in the evening. She's gotten me with cookie hands one too many times so as soon as I get home I throw them on and change if we end go out. Works out perfectly because tonight she got me with spaghetti hands on both my shirt and pants!!!)

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