Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Pics....

My city girl loves her tractor. I bet one day she is going to want to marry a country boy and live in the middle of nowhere, just to make me mad.
With all the teeth she has coming in right now drool is a normal part of playtime. She loves anything to do with cars and her Little People. She has figured out she can take the Cow from her Ice Cream Truck and it will fit in one of the other Little People cars.All these teeth coming in has put a real monkey on her back. The last couple of nights she's been pretty fussy and short tempered. Not a lot of fun! Brent went to help with Room in the Inn at church tonight and I stayed home with her since she was in a pretty awful mood from the second we got home (more so from skipping her afternoon nap than anything teeth related.) Needless to say her bedtime was moved up by a full hour tonight and she was down at 7.

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