Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring-y Sunday

The weather today in Nashville was BEAUTIFUL! Upper/Mid 60's and nice and sunny through most of the earlier part of the day before it started getting cloudy later on.

After we got home from church/grocery shopping we took Lilli outside for our weekly Sunday "what did Lilli wear to church" photo shoot. Today it was a cute little babyGap dress I bought used off a co-worker paired with a black turtleneck and black leggings. She didn't wear these shoes though (we changed her out of her shoes because they're just a little big and kept falling off.)
She is high on blowing kisses these days. That's how they say good-bye to their "friends" each day at school. And when we dropped her off at Sunday school this morning we blew her a kiss good-bye. Her teachers said she blew kisses ALL throughout the lesson (however I say there are a LOT worse things she could've been doing!)

She highly enjoyed my long necklace today.
While I finished putting up the groceries Brent threw some steaks on the grill and Lilli in her swing. She's grown a lot since July when we'd had it about a month!
She still loves it! Poor thing points at it every afternoon when we get home. There's been a few frigid days she looked so sad I thought about putting her in it for a minute.
I was watching them from the laundry window and the whole cherry tree was shaking. She was loving it!
After lunch we took her to the park. This side of Shelby near the dog park has a nice, smooth turf she can easily walk on. Sunday afternoons she is always SO tired that she really didn't enjoy it much and just wanted to people watch. She was watching this girl on a round thing you run on. This little girl was very social and wanted to know if Lilli was a boy or a girl and she put on quite the show for her. This is Lilli blowing her a kiss and the little girl absolutely eating it up!
The little playground was PACKED and the two infant swings were taken so we had to share a big swing. She was sooo tired by this point she just wasn't even interested in swinging much.
Before we left we took her over to the dog park (which was SO packed!) to watch the dogs. As soon as she saw where we were headed she started squealing. She loves to watch them play.
We don't take her in there, just let her watch over the fence. She just holds on, watches and screams (in glee) if one comes running by her.
Within a few minutes she had put her sleepy little head down on the fence, so we left and brought her home for a nap. She is taking some colossal naps lately - I pretty much usually have to wake her up at certain time. She slept from about 2:30 until 4:30 when I woke her up!
For dinner we headed to the new Chipotle's on West End. It's fairly new and the only ones in the state are here (I guess there's another one in Green Hills somewhere now.) We'd been in Cincinnati with Bruce YEARS ago, but Mexican is our fave so we gave it a whirl tonight.
We decided we'll stick with Blue Coast as our fave burrito joint. Chipotle's was just sort of "hot" with no real flavor. But, their kids menu quesadilla was only $1 so that was a big win, and you can have it made with whatever so we had lots of veggies put in it. And their guacamole was delicious. Lilli had a great time (as always) flirting with anyone sitting around us and Brent and I just felt old. It's right by the Vandy campus so everyone in there was soooo young!

And a video.... this is on our way to dinner (so it's kind of bouncy and a little dark). This is a great video of her 3 favorite "tricks" currently. About 40 seconds in she swaps to trick #2 (fake coughing anytime she hears someone else cough) and then trick #3 (fake sneezing) isn't too far behind.

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