Friday, November 13, 2009

A Mess

Remember in late September when she did not like her organic teething biscuits AT ALL (scroll down in the pics of the linked post for the picture I'm referring to)?

Contrast that with today:
The giant mess she made with them tonight makes me miss those days when they made her scream at the top of her lungs. The irony is that her shirt says "I'm Stuffed."

She's been doing great integrating table foods in each night as we eat. Tonight she had a little catfish, okra, puffs and other snack crackers and I thought I'd break out these maple teething crackers again. Clearly she is now a fan. She toted the first cracker around with her for a while until she was admiring it in her hand and Pippin also admired it and ate it. So we had to boot him out of her room and give her a new one that she carried all around with her and snacked on as she played.

Here she is knocking down a tower Brent built. If you build it she will come. And knock it down.Hugs, kisses, and Good Night from Lilli!!!

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