Monday, November 16, 2009

I'll Share. But I Don't Want To.

Tonight Rachel McD came over for a play-date so her parents could go out and eat a dinner without Puffs being tossed everywhere and napkins ripped to shreds (oh wait, that's us with Lilli...hmmmm....). Anyway, although I'm sure Rachel has much better table manners than that it's still very nice to order up a table for JUST TWO.

As soon as they left and Lilli realized there was a new kid in town her jealous side came out! Not in a mean way, just in the Pippin type way where she's got to be in the middle of everything going on, too! When I sat down in the floor with Rachel - here came Lilli to pile in as well!

While her piano was a huge hit for months, it just hasn't kept her super entertained for long lately - until someone else might be playing with it!
I'm pretty sure Rachel is telling us this little kid is nuts!
We got the car out for indoor car rides, and once Lilli checked the tires off we all went.
Lilli's little walker also converts to a car, so I pushed her on that while Rachel rode in the car. Lilli kept her eye on Rachel's driving though...
One of my fave pics of the night.....she wants to make sure Brent and Rachel weren't having too much fun in her car!
Laps around the living room....
Before Lilli's turn in the car Brent took a few pics of Rachel. Much better than Chuck E Cheese pics - you actually get to pose for these and get re-dos without spending a token!
Aaaah, I'm having so much fun! Whheeeee!
Lilli playing with her walker - fresh bruise on her eye and forehead from falls! Such a clumsy little girl!!!
Rachel's parents picked her up not too long after the car rides ended, while we were working on our Santa Clause lesson. I'm pretty sure she's trying to tell them how weird we are with our indoor car rides, Santa stories and Ho-Ho-Ho practicing, and strange songs.
All the excitement of tonight left us with a super sleepy Lilli who actually fell asleep during her bedtime bottle. Between trying to walk and entertaining her friends she has had a full day!

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