Saturday, November 7, 2009

Leaves and Leaves

We have had a full and great Saturday!! It seems like this time of year is full of photoshoots and this afternoon we headed over to Edwin & Percy Warner to do a photoshoot for a family of 4. They have a 3 year old boy and a 5 month old, so Brent got some great pics of them playing in the leaves and just being themselves. I think we picked out 65 or so that we really, really liked out of the 700+ he took. I'll share some of them when he's gotten through them all!

And since this is really peak leaves week here Brent took more of Lilli in the leaves at the school across from our house. They have huge trees that have been beautiful and red, and now the ground is covered in red leaves. I have seen SO many pics people have taken of their kids in piles of ugly dead leaves lately, why?!?!?!? There are so many pretty leaves all over the place!

First, here's a shot of Lilli's top teeth coming in. OW! It just looks painful. (Sorry for all the junk in her nose, it was first thing this morning!) And, she slept until 8:30 this morning! We love our sleeping in girl, take that time change and early rising sun!!! I couldn't believe it, but it doesn't seem like the time change has affected her sleeping in. WOO HOO! 8-8:30 just seems to be the time she likes to wake up on the weekends, which is a-ok with us.
A couple of sneak peek leaves ones. We'll sort through and find our faves.
I like that she has leaves clenched in her non-dominant hand. She ALWAYS has something hidden in her fists - usually food. Puffs fall off of her at ALL TIMES and from the strangest of places. This afternoon I had a slight mini-emergency at the photoshoot when she snuck a rock in her mouth and I couldn't get it swept out right away.
Love this fun angle. It's all about the perspective.
The rash. Lilli still has her rash from either her soy allergy or the exit of the virus she had last weekend/earlier this week. Sun or leaves or heat made it a lot worse today. See how red her face was by the end of her photo shoot???
We spent a lot of time in the yard this morning mowing, taking down Halloween decs, etc and then had a picnic in the front yard with dogs from I Dream of Weenie. The more she was outside the worse it got, and when she woke up from her afternoon nap her face was just in absolute welts almost. I'm pretty sure she slept in the direct sunlight from where her skylights shine straight into her crib. It faded fairly quickly as we kept her more shaded at the afternoon photoshoot for the Halls, but it's still there. We're going to pick up some Benadryl tomorrow and take her into the doc on Monday if it's still there. It doesn't bother her or itch at all and the doctor wasn't concerned about it on Friday so I don't want to rush her in tomorrow for their limited hours when that will be full of truly sick children. So hopefully tomorrow it will clear up and we won't have to go on Monday!

Tomorrow is going to be another busy one! We're having some people over for dinner, and since it was supposed to be last week we had already dusted and done a lot of the cleaning already which makes it easier for this week! Hopefully we'll all stay well and not have to postpone again!

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  1. Rash, welts and all, Lilli still looks like she's having a ball.