Tuesday, November 17, 2009

FHU Reunion/Weekend with Grandparents

This past weekend we went to Henderson for our 10th college reunion. (Really it's 11 years for us since we got out a semester early, but classes one year up and down are invited to reunions). It was pretty sad, very few people even came to it, but it was nice to see the campus again since we haven't been since April 99.

The various social clubs were having spirit competitions. This club didn't even exist when we were there! Lilli was very intrigued by the Lion. She had already been stickered by Sigma Rho (booo!) and was about to be stickered by Phi Kappa (Brent's old club).

Of course we had to have our pic made on the Lion!
All the construction to the commons really didn't make for a nice picture backdrop.
Brent and Lilli on the Lion....
Our friends The Halls (who live in Indiana) were there. It would have been a more exciting reunion if we hadn't seen them the previous weekend when they were in town visiting Jim's family! Jim was Brent's next door neighbor in college, so there's a lot of stories there I am probably not supposed to know!
Ryan is about 3.5 months younger than Lilli (but of course already outweighs her!)
Since my parents don't live far from Freed we dropped Pippin off before we went to the reunion. He enjoyed getting some extra attention and a lot of walks! But once we were there it was time for Lilli and Grandma to play! Of course a few of those toys made it back in our car for the return trip....
Bath time at Grandma's is always fun....but I think next time she's going to need to use the real tub! She almost climbed right out of the sink....
Ready for church with Grandpa.....she was a good girl in Sunday school and church. She enjoyed sitting with Grandma and Grandpa and ate snacks and looked at books. She did find it weird to actually use a song book! Where were the screens at???

Yeah, I bet it was Pippin who messed up the Sunday paper.
And probably Pippin who put marks all over the glass door.
It was pretty to see all the cotton fields of West TN - I forget about things like that since we don't have those types of crops in Middle Tn!
After lunch it was time to head home. Lilli did not sleep well the night before - she woke up at 5:30 pretty congested and just wanted to be held, so we woke up quite a bit before our alarm clock and I was TIRED! Leave it to Brent to snap this super flattering pic of me asleep with my mouth wide open! Apparently Pippin was not as worn out though!
The drive back was awful. The interstate was jam packed and slow, full of lots of bad drivers. To top it off we had a rock thrown up on my windshield that cracked it. Then we got home literally as the Titans game was ending which is bad news for us since we live less than 2 miles from the stadium and have to endure insane quantities of road closures and detours during football season. Hopefully the traffic was not a prelude to things to come next week during our Thanksgiving travels!

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