Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tutu Cute

A couple of weeks ago at the Lifeway Craft Fair there was a booth with a lady selling tutus. She's trying to adopt a baby girl from China, so she's making tons of tutus to help fund all the expenses. You just can't say no to something like that, and I'd actually been looking for Lilli one for a while - but had been really frustrated at all the boutique prices I had seen. She didn't have many smalls left & I really wanted a pink and white one with silver ribbon, so I placed a special order and she had it ready in just a week's time. I think she got a TON of orders that day - enough that she reserved one of our major corporate conference rooms for picking them up at lunch last Wednesday! They're only $10-$12, so if you know a little girl who needs one this holiday season let me know and I'll get you her contact info. Here's a few pics from last Thursday of Lilli playing in her tutu. I'm pretty sure we'll do her 10 month pics in it!

Showing it off to Pippin:
Pippin REALLY wanted to be in front of the camera that night!
Ready to declare war on the universe, princess style.
If this were a picture of me I would hide it for all eternity. But there's just something cute about a baby behind clad in BabyGap and a miles of toule!
Off she goes...
For some reason she can only use her walker with her mouth open??? Weird!

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