Wednesday, November 11, 2009


In case you haven't gotten your most recent Lifeway catalog in the mail yet (we haven't, but ours usually shows up on Wed-Fri of a new promo), you can see Lilli online here! (Page 3)Very exciting! She was mailed out to about 950,000 houses earlier this week - so Brent (laughingly) declared that about 2,ooo people will see her! Of course we also think there will be lots of complaints when people go to buy that ornament and Lilli's not actually in it.

Here she is playing with the new ride on/walker toy that I bought her last night at a consignment sale. It's the only toy I bought her since she has every other toy ever made. She took right to it and walked all over the house with it! Scary!!!! She also did several laps riding it around the house (with Brent pushing). The handle piece folds down to convert it to a riding toy. She is also fully owning the house these days. All her bright and shiny toys have lost their gleam and she would most like to play in our bathroom floor. So, numerous times throughout the night she just leaves, crawls all the way down the hall, through the kitchen and to her final destination - our bathroom. She knows what "Bye" means - as she leaves the room and heads out trucking down the hall we'll say "Bye Lilli!" and she'll stop, turn around and wave at us before she keeps on cruising.

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