Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 296 - First Steps

So here it is - video of some of Lilli's first steps taken tonight!

She's been crawling for about 2.5 months now, standing very solidly for about a month +, so I guess it's time for steps and then walking..... This video is just 2 clips edited together. She took lots of one, two & three steps tonight before diving for things, and it's a little hard to really see because here. We always had our hands very close to her because she pretty much has no fear and will just dive, but all the steps are on her own. I'm pretty sure I will have an accident report tomorrow, because once she started "walking" tonight she just didn't want to stop and she was all over the place. It's really not very good video and was much more exciting in real life where you could see her piecing it all together going back and forth between the two of us, her chair and her basketball goal - but 5 mins of that video on here would get pretty dull!

Of course that exciting news trumps the weekend we spent in West Tennessee at our 10th (really 11th) college reunion + visiting with my parents. Lilli had fun visiting Freed, which looks even smaller than when we went there. Our reunion was pretty pathetic with literally just a couple of people from our class, but we got to visit with our friends the Halls again and their 2 little boys. And Lilli got to spend some time with her grandparents, and Pippin even got them totally to himself for an afternoon while we were at the reunion. She had a nice Sunday school class today where she actually got to sit in little chairs, have snacks and actually have a little lesson (much better than the baby nursery Lilli is still in at our church where all she does is play). Pics of all that to come tomorrow or later in the week.

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