Monday, November 30, 2009

Lilli's First Thanksgiving

After a few days of traveling, colds/coughs x 3 we're back in the routine again. Here's a look at Lilli's first Thanksgiving. And it definitely was not an uneventful holiday!

Stop #1 on Wednesday afternoon was Brent's family in Southern TN. Instantly upon arrival it was cousin overload.

Lilli showed off her ability to multi-task of walking + feeding herself. It is very handy now that she can hold her own bottle, though most of the time she'd rather chill out and have you do it for her.
Bottoms up!
Thanksgiving Day brought the rest of Brent's family:
She had a good time playing with her Great Grand-daddy:She woke up from her morning nap just in time for Thanksgiving lunch. She had a fine lunch of organic "sweet pea + turkey" that she loved.

From there we left to go and visit my family in West Tennessee. Lilli absolutely loves her cousin Cody. He's the oldest of her cousins (he's 8) so he enjoys playing with her but isn't in her face trying to drag her around all the time!
They play so well together! She just loves her blocks. Right now she's really into blocks, balls and cars - couldn't care a thing about dolls or stuffed animals, so she just may turn into a tomboy or an maybe an architect or engineer!From there the trip got super-exciting. After dinner Thursday night Lilli was walking around and managed to slip while walking along the back French door - banging her head on the door hinge. At first I thought it was her usual bump until I grabbed her up and saw her head was really bleeding! I quickly summoned the troops and Brent put pressure on her head to get the bleeding to slow down and within a few minutes she was ok, but it was a pretty deep and fairly wide cut. We weren't sure if we should go and get her stitches or not, so we decided to wait a few minutes until bathtime and reevaluate.
After an hour it hadn't sealed up at all, and was still bleeding/oozing some. So, my dad loaded up with Brent and I and we headed to the closest hospital several miles away. The waiting room wasn't especially packed, but they were really behind so we ended up being there a couple of hours. Fortunately I had given her her bedtime bottle in the car so she slept during the entire wait and up until her exam. The doctor and nurse were really friendly, and used a super-glue type product on it. They wrapped her arms and legs in a sheet (basically swaddling her) and the nurse pushed up and the doc down to get the skin back together again. The Dermabond will fall off on its own within a week or so, and then we'll see how much of a scrape still exists! She did great during the procedure, and didn't get fussy until they'd been holding her down for a while. We've been keeping a bandaid on it for a little extra protection from other scrapes - it would be bad news if the Dermabond peeled off early. Hopefully it won't leave too much of a scar!We were up late that night - it was after midnight before we got in bed, which is super late for Lilli but she did have a 2+ hour nap there in the middle at the ER! The next morning Granddaddy still got up early to go and get the laptop he was eyeing, but after we all got up he and Lilli shared some morning coffee together.We left later that afternoon. Lilli had been sick with a cold earlier in the week, which she gave to me pretty badly on Tues-Thurs, which Brent came down with on Thurs and felt pretty bad with through yesterday! Our immune systems are really getting a workout this year! I really hope next year's Thanksgiving is a little less exciting!

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  1. Oh poor baby! It sucks when your littles ones get hurt! She seems like a tropper...