Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So it seems Lilli hasn't beaten this bug yet. Last night she was running a mild fever, right around 100 or so, but we really felt that it was the teething temp that a lot of kids run because teeth #3 & #4 are really bothering her and currently erupting. Between when she went to bed and this morning I think she got up about 7-8 times, with only 2 of them after we went to bed (I think, we sort of alternate getting up and sometimes I sleep right through it). This morning her temp was back to normal and we thought she was fine - until her breakfast all came back up again. Ugh. So, I have a call in to the pediatrician this morning to chat and see if we need to bring her in. Two of my friends with little ones have swine flu right now (which I know Lilli doesn't have) and several more friends have kids with the regular flu right, so there's a lot of bugs in the air right now and I guess Lilli's gotten one of them. Hopefully some more rest will get her back to her normal, rambunctious self soon!

Playing with Pippin Sunday morning. In the midst of this bug she is always glad to see him! She looooves her books. Books are about the only thing that get us through quiet activities like church! She especially likes her books that have little cut-outs (like a squeaky nose) or pictures or real animals. And thankfully her cousins passed down a LOT of books like that! She also thinks her Cookie Monster book is funny, and is also drawn to pics of Elmo. Her other favorite book is her "It's Potty Time" book hand-me-down with the flushing toilet sound. We look a little odd toting that book around with our 9-month old but it's a big fave of hers!
Pippin, always one to have good posture. The two of them are INSEPARABLE.
She loves to stand and clap for herself. Although she hasn't figured out it's a lot easier to do if you're not standing on your toys at the same time!
She stands all the time now, everywhere. She doesn't have to have anything to pull up on either, she can go from sitting to standing with no assistance. I bet we're only about 2 weeks or less away from walking!!!!

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