Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween in Pictures

Here's our house this year:

Brent got a nice action shot of it the night we put them all up. It's kind of hard to see the lights on all the shrubs in this, but basically our house was all a-glow in orange and purple lights.

The spider house down the street:They cover their house in spiders every year and it looks GREAT! This year they had a web in one of their windows where it looked like a spider had wrapped up a body.

The neighborhood scrooge:

That jerk lives a few houses down. I'm not sure why he can't just turn out his lights like anyone else not giving out candy. Hopefully he got egged. (He also has a "no poop" sign in his front yard, so I bet he also gets more dogs pooping in his yard than if he had no signs at all.)

Pippin's annual greeting of the mannequins outside Lipstick. His 4th Halloween in this neighborhood and he still hasn't figured out they can't pet him. The first year we lived here his reaction surprised me and he almost toppled one over, now I am much better prepared!

Halloween breakfast of banana pancakes and scrambled eggs. Her fists are CLENCHED with pancake. Anyone want to go out to dinner with us soon????
She's a mess, literally. Pippin is really enjoying this stage because she usually has random bits of food falling off her at all times. Once she figures out that he would LOVE for her to feed him directly we'll have a whole new series of issues.
My baking assistant:
Sprinkles, EVERYWHERE!
Our family costume this year was for Pippin and Lilli to be bees, and we were their beekeepers. She and Pippin had matching costumes, literally. As in she wore a dog costume. It was adorable. We literally didn't get a single family picture because we were going to do that at the end of the night, and a vomit covered baby doesn't make for a good picture. So, we have no family picture, no Pippin and Lilli picture, no picture of Brent and I. Pretty much this is IT. And she ruined Brent's hat and her outfit didn't come out of the washer all that great either. But she was cute.

I really looked like more of a country western bride than anything.
Lilli checking out Brent. He just can't handle Halloween without this mask and his Harry Potter wig for the trick r treaters, so I have no normal pics of him and Lilli.
Pippin Bee. Once again he was the belle of the ball and had his pic taken NUMEROUS times and got so much love from some of the kids that they forgot to ask for candy. People literally come back to our house year after year just to see what he's dressed as and they REMEMBER from year to year what he was! It's hilarious! I guess it's just that he doesn't mind costumes at all, and thankfully neither does Lilli!
So that's it! Halloween Day in (limited) pics.

Lilli's doing ok today, the poor thing is SO tired. She slept great last night, I think I got up once to give her a pacifier around 1 am and she woke up a little after 8 this morning. (I love that she loves to sleep in and hasn't been affected by the time change!) She had 3 ounces of pedilyte and 3 ounces of applesauce and has kept that down fine. She's just wanted to cuddle and nap on and off and has pretty much been asleep most of the morning. I'm going to try milk again at lunch bottle and see what happens.....she hasn't had any trouble with other foods, just her milk. It's such a pretty day maybe we can go for a walk later or something if she's feeling a little more lively!

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