Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Life of Pippin

Lilli's feeling a lot better from her stomach bug. She's still not back to 100% yet as far as her eating habits and demeanor go, but she hasn't had any issues keeping her food down. I think a lot of that is teething related, when she's teething she also doesn't eat as much as normal. Her doctor suggested trying a soy formula for a few days since that's easier on the stomach. I gave her soy yesterday and while it stayed down she ended up with a rash on her legs! I guess she's allergic to soy! So we're back to her regular milk and that's gone fine and she's been in a pretty good mood today and did fine at school. (Not so much wanting to go to sleep tonight stinks how something like being sick can really throw her off going to sleep on her own!)

For years everyone talked about how spoiled Pippin was, and how he'd get no attention when Lilli came along. I really can't say that's true. He has someone's undivided attention no matter WHAT he's doing:

Pippin, happily asleep in the sun, his favorite place to be. But there's a baby on the prowl....

The baby moves in.....Nap Over......

Pippin's outta there....with baby hot on his heels
Have we mentioned lately that she's into everything??? Including seat cushions....

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