Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Pics

It's been so rainy lately that Lilli's had to drive her car indoors. Here she is last Friday night, tearing through the kitchen. Driving is serious business...

HOOOONK. Pippin's life has certainly changed in the last 9.5 months. He now has toys thrown at him, his ears tugged and eyes poked constantly and can't take a nap in peace. And he gets run over. (But he also gets to lick her high chair table clean every night and that's a pretty fair trade in his book.)
Speedy McSpeed.She's found a new hangout in the kitchen. (And a new favorite toy in my cell phone. Not any of her numerous fake cell phones, only the real deal. I saw an ad for a $5.99 toy phone at Walmart that looks almost identical to my phone, next time we're near a Walmart (which is NEVER) I'm going to see if they have it!)

Pippin is not a fan of her discovery.And lastly, Marshmallow Girl in her car seat! Some of the cold mornings call for her big winter coat! It was a steal at a consignment sale this fall - it's Janie and Jack and I only paid TEN dollars for it!!!! (It retails for $70!)

She felt much better by the end of Monday. She was able to keep down both her afternoon and bedtime milk bottles as well as her regular baby food and table food. She had a somewhat fussy day at school today, and her top teeth coming in seem to currently really be bothering her. The poor little gal fell asleep in her high chair tonight while we were eating dinner and didn't even get to try any tilapia! (but we saved some for her because it was delicious and SO quick and easy!) This week I actually planned out our meals ahead of time to try to make the evenings run a little smoother and not make take-out such an easy option, especially as we're trying to include Lilli in with whatever we have each night. Last night was shrimp pasta, we didn't give her any shrimp but she had a few noodles and some steamed zucchini and carrots we had along with it as well as some banana.

Good night! I think it's going to be a long one - she's woken up 3 times since she went to bed an hour and a half ago. Teething is awful!

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