Friday, November 6, 2009

More Random Pics

Lilli is feeling pretty much back to 100% tonight, but still with a rash leftover from her virus. I talked to her doctor today and she thinks it's more a sign the virus is leaving than a soy allergy. Either way, Lilli had a great day today and was back to being full of herself and silly as usual tonight.

Some recent pics from the past couple of weeks:

A wet, drooly mess of cuteness! (And of course this shirt is available at your neighborhood Lifeway Christian Stores!!! BTW, the catalog Lilli is in goes out this upcoming week - look for her on PAGE 3! Hopefully you're a regular customer and will get Lilli in the mail!)
She loves to swing at the park!!!!

Eyes like her Daddy!
Daddy's Little Helpers. Nothing beats the excitement of changing out some light bulbs on the front porch!

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