Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, it's been an interesting weekend around here!

Friday night was just a miserable weather night, so Brent picked up some burritos and we just stayed home. We showed Lilli the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin cartoon. I think it may have been the first time I've really ever watched it, too. I know I've seen it before but the ending totally surprised me so it's been a while! She watched about the first 10-15 minutes and then couldn't have cared less, which is fine.

Saturday we all slept in, it was nice not having swim class to go to! Actually, I shouldn't say we ALL slept in - Pippin woke me up at 8. Figures! I had planned to make banana pancakes and scrambled eggs for all of us, so we went ahead and started cooking and then woke Lilli up at 8:30 when it was ready. She primarily just made a mess with her food, but after she got used to the pancakes she seemed to like them. I'm trying to expose her to a lot more of our foods as we eat, so we made our scrambled eggs as usual with paprika and other seasonings, we just made sure to cook them slightly longer to be sure they were done. Saturday afternoon we went for a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy all the decorations and Lilli helped me bake some Halloween cookies. She wasn't very interested in cutting the cookies out, but she loved shaking the sprinkle jars EVERYWHERE. We ended up with orange sprinkles all over the kitchen floor!

Then it was trick or treat time - Lilli went down for a nap just as it was getting to be dusk, so while she slept we got everything set up outside and in our costumes. Since Pippin participates in the festivities and we didn't have an extra pair of hands we ended up chaining Pippin on one of the columns on the front porch. Once it was dark the trick or treaters came pouring through and Lilli woke up and we brought her outside, too. Everyone loved Pippin (as always) but I doubt many people even really got all our outfits.

We got our usual number of trick or treaters, somewhere between 200-250 before we ran out of candy around 7:45 and they were still POURING down our street so we quickly turned everything off and ran inside. We had planned to visit a few of our neighbors, so we headed next door with both bees in tow. Mark's mom wanted us to come inside and show Mark our outfits - I'm pretty sure he was probably ready to explode inside when he saw us traipsing into his over-the-top Victorian house with our dog and baby. I ended up carrying Pippin because I would DIED if he marked one of his Victorian rugs or couches. We were visiting with Mark when his mom broke out a bag of animal crackers they had bought just for Lilli. She gave one to Lilli and two to Pippin (who they ALWAYS call Pepper) and then - it happened. Everyone is staring at Lilli (oh the baby she's so cute give her a cracker look at the baby) and then BOOM. Puke. Everywhere. And then repeat. And repeat. And Repeat. I didn't really know how bad it was, but Brent headed for the door and made it out before a big group came up to their door. I was saying my goodbyes but was stuck inside with Pippin while about 20-30 kids were getting candy. Brent was stuck outside in our yard since I had the key. When we got inside it was a MESS. She had had prunes for dinner and they had come back up everywhere. She threw up several more times, and we could tell she just didn't feel good. Since she was gagging we rocked her for a while to make sure she'd be ok in her bed. She slept fine all night, so we really thought it was a reaction to the prunes or animal cracker, until her breakfast came back up as we were getting ready to leave this morning for church. She got sick a few more times this morning, but after we gave her Pedialyte she seemed fine, and she did fine with applesauce for lunch and dinner and also juice and Puffs. She took some really long naps today but has otherwise played fine and been in a great mood this afternoon and evening - but at bedtime her bottle came right back up. So, whatever she has she still just can't tolerate her milk. And I REALLY hope Brent and I don't catch it because the stomach virus we all had in August was MISERABLE. We were supposed to have some people over for dinner tonight from our Sunday school class, but I guess Lilli decided otherwise!

And then our TV died tonight because we needed a few more things going on! It's hopefully just the lamp and Brent already ordered one on Ebay that should be here in a day or two.

Pictures tomorrow of all the activities, I'm on the computer without pics tonight! Hopefully Lilli will wake up feeling great and she and I will have a nice day off instead of a pukey sick day at home!

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