Sunday, November 22, 2009

When "No" means "Oh Yeah"!

The lamp in Lilli's room has been the Holy Grail FOREVER. There's just something magical about wanting to touch it, but she also wants to stand and wave it around and dance with it, and as we generally try to keep her from being electrocuted and burned it's a daily battle. For a while now she has known the difference in what's allowed and what's not, it's just a struggle at this point to know the best way to discipline her. She crawls over to it and will touch it - then look at us - because she KNOWS it's off limits. It's become an attention thing recently, and on this particular night last week it was ALL about the attention:

So this weekend (and since then) we pretty much ignore her when she touches it and for the most part she'll touch it once or twice, not get a reaction, and move on to something else. Like trying to climb the baby gate to get out of her room.

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