Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Miss Adventuresome

Lilli at school this morning with Avery (the dads drop them off about the same time every morning and his mom and I pick up around the same time fairly often as well!)
Brent dropped her off near a bucket of toys, and she immediately started heading for the ball pit instead! Her sheet today said: "Lilli stood all by herself!!! The first time was for about 5 seconds. Every time she fell she got right back up! She had a great day and was in a wonderful mood." The next piece of paper in my stack was an Accident Report. This now makes #3. After reading her sheet and then seeing another report of her falling and hitting her head on something I just had to laugh. (This time she hit her head on a piano toy, no bruise this time.) This kid just wants to stand and walk, but she's clumsy like her momma! (Who, last night, totally tripped over the glider footrest in her room (in the dark) and hit my face/lips/teeth on the ground, scraped both legs and one hand. I made Brent sign my accident report.) I asked her afternoon teacher if any of the other kids get as many reports as Lilli and she's top of the class in that arena. It seems we really do have a little monkey. (Tonight she banged her head 3 times - once standing in her crib, once on the floor and once on a toy. Good times.)

Eating mashed potatoesOnce she tried it a few times she did like it. But she still got it everywhere. Pippin had a great time cleaning up for us.

Asleep in her crib at daycare in a rather unusual position.....

Nap time cuteness at home. I have to roll so many of her pants up. She's a shorty like me - those jeans are 3-6 month size!!!!
Still showing no signs of modesty.....(in the cry room at church Sunday. She was in a very chatty mood and had just started saying Dadda that morning!)

A 3-paci kind of night, but a very happy morning!!!

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