Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Toys for Lilli....

Tonight I went to one of the last pre-sales I'll be able to get into for a while (you have to be either pregnant or have a baby under 1 yrs old to qualify). It's one of my fave sales over at a church in West Nashville. It was actually this same sale a year ago that was my first consignment adventure and I've been hooked ever since! You can get SUCH better deals, especially on clothes that have been barely worn.

So, at 7:30 I lined up with the other new moms who had made the "cut" (their pre-sale is limited and fills up within 48 hours of when it opens up) and waited patiently with my laundry basket to hit the deals. I actually ran into "Henley's Mom" - one of Lilli's classmates from daycare. She's a little younger than Lilli and hasn't moved up to Lilli's current class yet, but she will be the next one in once Tristan moves up in December. Before I left Brent had asked me what I was looking for and there really wasn't much. She clearly has pretty much every toy ever made and very few things get worn more than once or twice:(Those pants were a spring find for $2! The shirt...from Gymboree so no deal there. But the pants!!!)

I ended up getting her one of the small riding toys I had wanted and quite a few more winter clothes and shoes. I really wanted more nice sweaters/warm stuff for her, and found a few things but most of the sweaters were pretty dorky and not really what I was looking for. I got lots more babyGap and Gymboree stuff, as well as a thick "everyday" winter coat and a cute pea coat for "going out". Brent approved of all my purchases and has now declared that Lilli has more shoes than I do. And sadly neither one of us keep them on very long on a daily basis!

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