Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things

We were lucky enough to get several great hand-me-down toys from the Gossages (one of Brent's coworkers who has TWINS - I can't imagine!!!). A couple of the things they gave us were some larger toys that Lilli's just now able to play with. Saturday we got down the "ball track" toy (really not sure what to call it) and she absolutely LOVES it! I've never seen one this large, although I've never really looked since we've had this in our upstairs for over a year now! There's a few different places you can drop the ball and it rolls all around the track and spits it back out. There's knobs to pull and spin, a big ball, and of course music! (LOUD music, I might add!) Saturday she just played and played with it, and was just starting to figure out how to drop the balls, etc before bedtime.
Fast forward to Sunday morning. I had her all dressed and set her down on the ground for a second to do something and looked up, and she was trying to crawl through her activity table to get to the ball sorter! Nothing like seeing your little one's silk bloomers showing when she's nice and clean in her little Janie and Jack dress! Of course she got stuck and angry, but we just had to get a picture before setting her free.
Of course once I moved the table she immediately wanted to play with the toy, and naturally we were already running a few minutes later, so a massive temper tantrum ensued. When she doesn't get her way lately she throws some doozies. Completely goes rigid and just lets it all out, so you really have to watch that she doesn't hurt herself. This has been the first thing she heads toward each afternoon this week, so it's a big hit in our house right now!
As you can see from her room, it is FULL of toys! We're not getting her anything big this year, her only need is for her next carseat so we got that ordered yesterday with help from my mom. I've picked out a few small things for her (some touch and feel flash cards, etc) but she has so much stuff that she really doesn't need any toys. And being so young she doesn't know the difference anyway, and we REALLY don't want anything else large or impractical, so that rules out most of the junk in stores anyway. Our attic is full to the brim of her swing and other stuff she's outgrown, so I'm hoping anything Santa brings her will fit in a shoe-box! We're very much into anti-clutter as much as possible, and have gotten rid of a lot of stuff over the last few years and still have quite a few things we need to purge. She's really into cars, blocks, books, things with little buttons (toy remotes/cell phones) and balls right now, so if I see anything small like that I'll get it for her. I struck out on 18M pajamas at the fall consignment sales so maybe I can find a few on sale for her. She wears mostly 9M and some of the smaller 12M pajamas right now, but will probably need a few 12-18M ones before the winter is over and sales start again. And she's really enjoying her "faux" Robeez right now, and even manages to keep them on all day, so I may shop some deals on more shoes like that in the 6-12M size that she wears.

Pippin will be easy - more rawhides!!! Now I just need to figure out something for Brent! I'm pretty sure a "Silent Night" would be #1 on his list!

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