Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alert and Attentive!

Today Lilli's daily report card had two words written in - alert and attentive. There's a little section with various dispositions like happy, cuddly, sleepy, fussy, playful, etc on it, but they had handwritten those two at the bottom and checked them. (On a side note, she pretty much always has happy, cuddly and playful. When she has fussy you just sort of wince!) And this evening she has really been both of those!When we first get home we have Pippin time - we play with him and let the two of them lick each other a little before I wipe her down. Then we usually play in the floor a little and work on our rolling - and WOW! Today she truly rolled from back to stomach for the first time. She is constantly rolling from side to side, and twisting around in various pretzel positions but just never tucks that arm under to make a complete roll. Tonight she scored a 10 from all judges (me and Pips)! She also spent a lot of time sitting unassisted, using her arms as support and also her stomach. She is still very unsteady but tonight she was really showing a ton of progress in her balance, particularly by leaning forward so she won't go from side to side as much.And her latest trick of the day - sucking on her feet! She was going to town on her tootsies tonight! I got some pics of it I'll have to upload next time I dump my camera on here. She's been playing with her feet for probably about 2 months now, but this is the first week she's decided they taste yummy. We've recently swapped from the slow flow nipples to fast and her liquid consumption has increased quite a bit as a result, and I guess with the added foods twice a day now she's just hungry all the time! She's doing great with her solids - she's opening her mouth in anticipation of the food and gets whiny if I'm not spooning it fast enough!

Have a great night!

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