Friday, June 5, 2009

Future Career Options

Tonight we were in the mood for Waffle House....and I think Lilli thought it was a grand old time! Maybe she has a career as a short order cook in her future?Actually, she slept most of the time and then woke up right as we were finishing up. We managed to time her evening nap very well with our dinner! Last Saturday night we went out to my fave, Blue Coast Burrito, and she was awake the whole time - chatting and laughing - except when Brent tried to add burrito to her current diet of formula, rice cereal, and sweet potatoes. She reminded him that Dr R did not mention burrito as a Stage 1 food!We've decided she likes sweet potatoes much more than rice cereal (even though she's smiling in this rice cereal photo from earlier this week). We aspirated her nose several times last night, and took one to school for her today. They used the saline drops and aspirator several times today and she is much better tonight. Still snotty and congested, but def better and more of her usual playful, laughing self. I got a new "purse camera", aka a smaller point and shoot - although shooting at 12 megapixels doesn't sound too pursey! The video is also high def, which is really cool! It takes great pics and has a really cool red eye function where it takes the pic and then automatically deletes the red eyes.Today I hit the first consignment sale of the summer season! It was strange going without Lilli and/or my coworker Kirsten! (she's on vacay). Last fall/this winter & spring we hit a ton of them and this is the first time I've ever had to go on my own (except for some weekend ones I've gone to). I got some great deals on clothes for her, and also bought a few small toys. She's starting to really play with a lot of her toys so I found a few small things I think she'll love. It's crazy to pay full price for most of this stuff when you can get it for just a small fraction of the price! So many of the clothes have never even been work, which I completely understand since there are a ton of 0-3 size things Lilli never wore or only wore once.

Have a great night, TGIF!

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